GOP Governor Sanford needs some Deliverance

So this was going to be a post about how the Lt. Governor of South Carolina was taking the Governor to task for his absence of hiking in the wilderness – a mere special inerest spot in the news. Oh, everybody needs to get a way every once in a while was the message the tv and radio chose to capitalize on. I appreciated the message the Lt. Governor made, albeit whiny and tattletaley. My specific issue with how he expressed his beef was how a whole state would have to shut down, despite his assigned role as 'next man on the totem pole' just because he didn't officially pass off the torch.

I have particularly been finding this system of power frustrating in my own working environment. I struggle when action ceases due to someone above me in the 'channels' inavailability. I am using this in the personal sense, but I witness it among my colleagues as well.

Gummed up. wasteful workflow. probably someone out having an affair on their way to the GOP. on fathers day. while wife covers ass. with four sons.

Strike up the dueling banjos.


Green design has got me down

It all started with elation. I thought to my frugal self: “Finally, a universal adoption of stinginess for materials that rivals my own. The model has shifted. yay.” as I continued to rinse my plastic utensils. (Stay tuned for my version of recycled living)

It’s great. It’s meaningful. Saving the future is so much more fun than cell phone baubles and styrafoam.

I didn’t think it was going to affect my graphic design much, except for the opportunity to use green more and do cool leaf and plug logos for our electric truck (visual to follow), but it has. It’s made me recognize a design trap I am frequently guilty of – uber paper consciousness.


Office warriors battle daily against mountains of paper with the aforementioned little email footer to ‘Please consider the environment before printing this [important] email.

Graphic designers deal with this times ten. At home, I make several trips around the house over the course of a weekend with the task to find paper stuffs to recycle.

This daily guilt leads to cramping content down to half the area that’s necessary to visually communicate the message. It’s the equivalent of storage bins and vertical hangers of information.

I managed to create a class schedule into a bookmark 6-up on an 8.5x11 document. :)
Two-sided. :(


Free N0 More!

This is the new name of the ISP I have been piggybacking for three years.
its been a pretty good run, I'd say.

When I opened my laptop after a few days of not being able to hop on (they were probably on vacation or something I thought to myself), my computer had a bit of a hiccup while airport rescanned the available wireless networks. The usual locked suspects popped up, but before where my trusty 12-digit open connection had been, was now a blaring personal confrontation to me. At first, I laughed and thought this was a funny little way to slap my wrist and say 'shame on me' in a joking way, but later I started to feel ashamed.

I don't know the ins and outs of wireless connection-- I struggle to explain the difference between AOL, wireless and verizon/cable DSL to my mom. So in my lack of comprehension beyond "i can't access the internet any longer", I'm paranoid this particular neighbor who has threatened to shoot a neighborhood cat, might know the wifipirate/fregan(s)**.

This makes me regret not approaching all my neighbors sooner, in an honest effort to offer up money to share the service. I wasn't sure that it was a suitable offer, but it would have maybe alleviated the shame as I walk down my street wondering which neighbor is shunning me.

Too bad, the honest truth is that the $29 monthly service is going to break my financial back, adding me to the mounting numbers of foreclosures*. So, really, is it any advantage to you stingy probably-Republican neighbor? Shame on YOU!

*I don't like to make jokes about my own foreclosure because I really do stress about it. But I do like to joke about it because it does get under the skin of Republican bailout types.

**later determined another neighbor was aboard the ship.